The Fields of Britian

Britain - A green and pleasant Land but actually what a glorious array of colours we do get in our British countryside. An album celebrating the colours of the British Field.
CRW 2982-02a IMG 3081-01 IMG 3082aA IMG 3114-01 IMG 3131-01 IMG 3220-01a
IMG 3228-01 IMG 3264-01 IMG 3427-01a IMG 3476-01 IMG 3772a IMG 3780-01a2
IMG 3799a-M IMG 3818-01 IMG 3822-01 IMG 3863-01 IMG 3883a IMG 5880-01a4
IMG 6471 IMG 6726-01a2 IMG 6774-01a IMG 6797-01a2 IMG 7724-04n IMG 9966-01a
PICT2245c  DCF 1.0 : Flowers, Red, Poppies PICT4903C-Print : Flowers, Red, Poppies Rapeseed fields1cA IMG 3913-01a IMG 3918-01 IMG 4136-01 copy
IMG 4208-02b3 IMG 4375-01a IMG 4687-01 - Copy IMG 4747-01 - Copy IMG 4821-01 IMG 4950-02b
IMG 4430-01 IMG 4794-01 IMG 4884-01 IMG 9117a2 IMG 9135a IMG 9187a