Macro Photography - Ceri Jones

A gallery celebrating getting in close.
Natural Flames Bird of prey Delicate Rose Summer Bloom
Aquilegia A nose for trouble Beetle Tulips ina Row
Corallus caninus  Corallus caninus IMG 4113a filtered  Poison Dart Frog IMG 4648c2  Damsel Flies IMG 4821-01b3a  Natural Balls
IMG 5804-01a  Bee's View IMG 5826-01c  Preying mantis IMG 5991a2-G-peacock tree frog  Peacock Tree Frog IMG 5998a2-G-peacock tree frog  Peacock Tree Frog reflection
IMG 5999a2-G-Peacock Tree Frogs  Peacock Tree Frog on a rock IMG 6026a2-G-Peacock Tree Frogs  Three Peacock Tree Frogs IMG 6033a2  Argentinian Ornate Horney Frog IMG 6035a2-G-Argentinian Ornate Horney Frog  Argentinian Ornate Horney Frog reflection
IMG 6070a2--Amazon Milk Frog  Amazon Milk Frog IMG 6090a2-G-Common European Toad  Common European Toad IMG 6102a2-G-Common European Toad  Head shot of European Toad IMG 6108a3-G-Common European Toad  Common European Toad in water
IMG 6116a2-G-Common European Toad  Common European Toad reflection IMG 6125a2-G-Common European Toad  Walking Common European Toad IMG 6134a-G-Fire Bellied Toad  Fire Bellied Toad IMG 6151a2-G-Fire Bellied Toad  Swimming Fire Bellied Toad
IMG 6198a-Harvest Mouse-v2  Harvest Mouse IMG 6200a  Butterfly IMG 6210a-Harvest Mousev2  Harvest Mouse reflection IMG 6223a-Gargoyle Gecko  Gargoyle Gecko
IMG 6228a-Gargoyle Gecko  Gargoyle Gecko on branch IMG 6249a-Gargoyle Gecko  Gargoyle Gecko head shot IMG 6298a2  Giant Jungle Nymph head shot IMG 6306a2  Giant Jungle Nymph
IMG 6334a-Panther Chameleon  Panther Chameleon IMG 6341a-Panther Chameleon  Scales of Panther Chameleon IMG 6364a-Panther Chameleon  Head shot Panther Chameleon IMG 6372a-Madagaslan ground gecko  Madagassan Ground Gecko
IMG 6379a-Madagaslan ground gecko  Madagassan Ground Gecko on branch IMG 6390a-Madagaslan ground gecko  Madagassan Ground Gecko head shot IMG 6452a2-Butterfly  Butterfly detail shot IMG 6456a2-Butterfly  Butterfly head shot
Dahlia Jessica  Dahlia IMG 7538-01a2  Evening Water Lilly IMG 8142-01c  Gerbera : flowers, macro, gerbera IMG 8372-01b3  Bluebells
IMG 8844-01a  Dandelion Head IMG 9183-01b2  Buttercups IMG 9582-01b2  Water lilly IMG 9966-01c2  Summer Poppies
Malachite-IMG 6223c2  Malachite Butterfly PICT0411aA  Common Frog : Flowers, Red, Poppies PICT1286d  Busy Bees : Flowers, Red, Poppies